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We'll show you EXACTLY what colors to wear to look your very best!

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Tools of the Trade


There are hundreds of drapes used during your analysis appointment. Each one has been specifically chosen to demonstrate a specific level of value, warmth/coolness, and saturation.


Each of the 12 tones has a customized 65 color fan - yours to take home with your appointment!

Specialized Lighting and Background

To ensure an accurate analysis, a neutral gray background color and highly specialized full-spectrum lighting are used

A few testimonials...


Shopping is so much fun now because I find something flattering everywhere I go, and the color book makes it so easy to tell if it is the right color or not. Thank you so much for helping me; I have more confidence in my appearance and feel good about what is unique to me, rather than trying to be something I'm not. Wishing you all the best!


TODAY I GOT 4, COUNT THEM, 4 COMMENTS ON HOW I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT BECAUSE I LOOK WONDERFUL/LOVELY, and one even commented, "you don't usually wear any makeup do you?"....and I do every day, just not the right stuff!!!!! Two of the comments were within minutes of getting in a group of people.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT ME!!!!!


Thanks again SO much, Amanda, for your brilliant service and bravura extended performance yesterday! I'm so happy to be confirmed in my beautiful colorspace, and highly recommend you to anyone seeking clarity about their own. I learned so much from you <3

Why Color Analysis?

Color Therapy owner and analyst, Amanda Brown, was trained under 12 Blueprints' author and founder Christine Scaman. Here are some of her videos that provide additional information.

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